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Your body - Your Health - Choose Wisely

Your body - Your Health - Choose Wisely

Your body - Your Health - Choose WiselyYour body - Your Health - Choose Wisely

Thermography is a highly sensitive study of the largest, most intelligent and most available organ of the body:  the skin


Owning your health

The human body is miraculously programmed to maintain and heal itself… as long as we don’t abuse it. Thermography allows us  to observe the body in the process of prioritizing problem areas so we can ask our body: “What do you NEED?” 

We can then investigate with focused guidance.

Listening to our bodies

Pain is a message

The body speaks to us but many of us don't hear it until it reaches a loud level called pain.  Typically pain starts at a low threshhold - low enough that we can ignore it, waiting for it to go away  But our body isn't asking for a pain killer - it is inviting us to pay attention. 

Reading the body

We can use the sense of sight to listen to our body. Focused guidance with thermography views the temperature of an area that might be signaling it needs attention.   

Seeing early signals

We can use thermography as a preemptive strike against potential health challenges - identifying brewing issues before we can feel or see anything.  Thermography can be a powerful partner to other diagnostic devices. 


mindful wellness

Wellness is a lifetime process and commitment to change and growth. We invite you to discover the body's unspoken communication revealed by clinical infrared thermography.  We would love to be part of your wellness journey. 

Your Path to Mindful Wellness

Join us to learn to listen to your body's signals to pursue a healthier life.